Mission Statement
At Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd. our mission is to excel as a plastics manufacturer through superior service, quality products, competitive pricing and maintaining close community relations.
Message from the President
Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd. is a leader in designing and manufacturing high quality Polyethylene and P.E.T.G. plastic packaging. Our dedication to our customers and to the community has allowed us to maintain close personable relations while reliably providing high quality service in North America for over 25 years. We look forward to achieving further excellence in the packaging industry while continually forming strong relations.
Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd. was formed in 1981 as an associate company of Hanet Plastics (Ltd.) of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec. The Quebec company was first established by Mr. Richard Hanak in 1973.
Mr. Hanak, upon his retirement in 2003, sold the Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu manufacturing facility. The Quebec operation is under new ownership and the once paralleled companies are now separately owned and operated.
Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd. is independently owned by Mr. Hanak’s daughter, Diana Feret, her husband, John Feret, and John’s brother, Henry Feret.
Prior to the opening of the Ontario company, John Feret worked in the Quebec plant under the guidance and leadership of his father-in-law, Richard Hanak, in order to establish a solid foundation for the new company.
Since its inception, Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd., has grown from an initial five thousand square foot facility with two vacuum forming machines and one extrusion sheet line to its present, privately owned, much larger Whitby facility containing multiple vacuum and pressure forming machines plus additional supplemental technologically advanced equipment. The growth of the Whitby plant continues with the addition of another eleven thousand square feet currently being added to its present facility to allow for growth and expansion of the company’s product lines.
Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd. is a leader in providing light packaging Polyethylene and P.E.T.G. plastic trays and liners for the biscuit industry. Today’s product line has expanded to include packaging for bakery and chocolate items, automotive parts, and jewelry. Hanet Plastics (Ontario) Ltd., with its wide experience in the plastics packaging field, is now fully able and ready to provide custom service to many facets of the plastic packaging industry.